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Car quotes #CarQuotes

Car quotes and Sayings #CarQuotes and Car Insurance Quotes – Top 210 famous car quotes, car repair quotes, quotations about car photo and nice pictures for everybody. Everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in a car. The cars we drive say a lot about us. You can download free, share, submit and sending email best Car quotes and Sayings with images for everybody, Everywhere. More: Business quotes

Car quotes 1

Remember the street car cannot turn out. Charles M. Hayes

Yes, Officer, I did see the speed limit sign. I just didn’t see you. Author Unknown

I feel like I am diagonally parked in a parallel universe. Author Unknown

You can’t see anything from a car; you’ve got to get out of the goddamn contraption and walk, better yet crawl, on hands and knees, over the sandstone and through the thornbrush and cactus. When traces of blood begin to mark your trail, you’ll see something, maybe. Edward Abbey

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Car quotes 2

I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered. George Best

The years I raced in were fantastic. There was so much change in the cars. We went from treaded tyres to no wings right through to slicks to enormous wings. Jackie Stewart

I’ve actually made a prediction that within 30 years a majority of new cars made in the United States will be electric. And I don’t mean hybrid, I mean fully electric. Elon Musk

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In the history of the world, no one has ever washed a rented car. Lawrence Summers

Family trips to Yellowstone and to what are now national parks in Southern Utah, driving the primitive roads and cars of that day, were real adventures. Paul D. Boyer

I know a lot about cars, man. I can look at any car’s headlights and tell you exactly which way it’s coming. Mitch Hedberg

To attract men, I wear a perfume called ‘New Car Interior.’ Rita Rudner

If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would probably be Labor Day Weekend. Doug Larson

Car quotes 3

We are not proving ourselves spiritually worthy of our material progress. We have not been neighborly, courteous, and kind upon the highway. Our lack of decency toward our fellow men is a definite black mark against us. Cary T. Grayson

Two-hundred forty horsepower isn’t enough to move me anymore. Enough to move my body, yes, but not my soul. S.A. Sachs

On the other hand, the Bible contains much that is relevant today, like Noah taking 40 days to find a place to park. Curtis McDougall

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The automobile has not merely taken over the street, it has dissolved the living tissue of the city. Its appetite for space is absolutely insatiable; moving and parked, it devours urban land, leaving the buildings as mere islands of habitable space in a sea of dangerous and ugly traffic. James Marston Fitch, New York Times, 1 May 1960

Remember folks, street lights timed for 35 mph are also timed for 70 mph. Jim Samuels

Car quotes 4

People spend so much time in their cars, and it’s a legal way to have fun by speeding a little bit or testing yourself a little bit, and you get to invest in your car. For some people, it becomes their baby. Jordana Brewster

If you own a home with wheels on it and several cars without, you just might be a redneck. Jeff Foxworthy

The automobile engine will come, and then I will consider my life’s work complete. Rudolf Diesel

I was quiet, a loner. I was one of those children where, if you put me in a room and gave me some crayons and a pencils, you wouldn’t hear from me for nine straight hours. And I was always drawing racing cars and rockets and spaceships and planes, things that were very fast that would take me away. Gary Oldman

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I love fast cars… and to go too fast in them. Lara Flynn Boyle

I just feel rejuvenated in such a big way because of these race cars I get to drive. Jeff Gordon

I’m starting to think about things that I want to do, things that are fun. One of them is driving a car like a Porsche. I’ve driven a lot of cars – sedans, trucks and big family vehicles all year long. But there’s nothing like a four-wheel-drive Porsche. Kevin O’Leary

It’s not just the kid who’s spent every penny from his job to upgrade his car to tell the world he cares about sports cars, it’s also the person driving around in a fuel-conscious hybrid electric car, because it’s more a message to the world than an effective means of saving fuel, to be quite honest. Richard Hammond

You have to wait six months to purchase a fuel efficient automobile made from overseas. Ed Markey

Car quotes 5

And I, I took the road less traveled by. I was using a GPS system. Robert Brault

They both knew that the basis of her invariable reluctance about new cars was not thrift but sentiment. She simply could not endure the moment when the old one was driven away.
As for cars, they were in a class apart, somewhere between furniture and dogs. It wasn’t, with her, a question of the pathetic fallacy. She did not pretend to herself that cars had souls or even minds (though anybody, seeing the difference that can exist between one mass-produced car and another, might be excused for believing that they have at least some embryonic form of temperament). No, it was simply a matter of mise en scène. A car, nowadays, was such an integral part of one’s life, provided the aural and visual accompaniment to so many of one’s thoughts, feelings, conversations, decisions, that it had acquired at least the status of a room in one’s house. To part from it, whatever its faults, was to lose a familiar piece of background. Jan Struther, Mrs. Miniver, 1930s

It finally happened. I got the GPS lady so confused, she said, “In one-quarter mile, make a legal stop and ask directions.”  Robert Brault

Walking isn’t a lost art — one must, by some means, get to the garage. Evan Esar

The speedway ends at the cemetery. Author Unknown

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Car quotes 6

I replaced the headlights in my car with strobe lights, so it looks like I’m the only one moving. Steven Wright

My dad was very successful running midgets in Texas. Then, his two drivers ran into some bad luck. People started saying that Daddy had lost his touch. That it was the cars and not the drivers. I wanted to race just to prove all those people wrong. A. J. Foyt

We aren’t addicted to oil, but our cars are. James Woolsey

My opinion is it’s a bridge too far to go to fully autonomous cars. Elon Musk

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Societies need rules that make no sense for individuals. For example, it makes no difference whether a single car drives on the left or on the right. But it makes all the difference when there are many cars! Marvin Minsky

I admit to wasting my life messing around with fast cars and motorcycles. Brock Yates

I love vintage cars because you can do so much more to them. T-Pain

When it comes to cars, only two varieties of people are possible – cowards and fools. Russell Baker

Here comes 40. I’m feeling my age and I’ve ordered the Ferrari. I’m going to get the whole mid-life crisis package. Keanu Reeves

Perhaps people, and kids especially, are spoiled today, because all the kids today have cars, it seems. When I was young you were lucky to have a bike. James Cagney

Car quotes 7

Speed Limit – A sign that tells you at what speed the car that’s rapidly fading from view in your rearview mirror is going; a law that provides the sole means of support for many small-town police departments. Richard Turner (1937-2011), The Grammar Curmudgeon, a.k.a. “The Mudge,” from “The Curmudgeon’s Short Dictionary of Modern Phrases”

Road sense is the offspring of courtesy and the parent of safety. Australian Traffic Rule, quoted in Quotations for Special Occasions by Maud van Buren

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The automobile is technologically more sophisticated than the bundling board, but the human motives in their uses are sometimes the same. Charles M. Allen

The car has become… an article of dress without which we feel uncertain, unclad, and incomplete. Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media, 1964

Eighty percent of the people of Britain want more money spent on public transport — in order that other people will travel on the buses so that there is more room for them to drive their cars. John Selwyn Gummer, The Independent, 1994

Car quotes 8

In less enlightened times, the best way to impress women was to own a hot car. But women wised up and realized it was better to buy their own hot cars so they wouldn’t have to ride around with jerks. Scott Adams

In the last three years of racing I’ve met as many women fans as men fans, and in NASCAR it’s the same thing. My wife loves cars, but the difference is she doesn’t have 20 years of understanding the background of them. She basically drives them and uses her gut feelings as to which is best. Tim Allen

I don’t run a car, have never run a car. I could say that this is because I have this extremely tender environmentalist conscience, but the fact is I hate driving. David Attenborough

I had more clothes than I had closets, more cars than garage space, but no money. Sammy Davis, Jr.

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Richard Childress and myself have made some important innovations on our cars. Dale Earnhardt

The only big things I’ve purchased are my dad’s heart valve and a Rolls-Royce for my parents, for their anniversary. And that was only because my dad had a Lady Gaga license plate on our old car and it was making me crazy because he was getting followed everywhere, so I bought him a new car. Lady Gaga

I would have probably stolen cars – it would have given me the same adrenaline rush as racing. Valentino Rossi

Tesla is here to stay and keep fighting for the electric car revolution. Elon Musk

I liken myself to Henry Ford and the auto industry, I give you 90 percent of what most people need. Adam Osborne

You’re safer in the race car than you are in cars going to and from the track. Mario Andretti

Car quotes 9

Another way to solve the traffic problems of this country is to pass a law that only paid-for cars be allowed to use the highways. Will Rogers

What a lucky thing the wheel was invented before the automobile; otherwise can you imagine the awful screeching? Samuel Hoffenstein

Take most people, they’re crazy about cars. They worry if they get a little scratch on them, and they’re always talking about how many miles they get to a gallon, and if they get a brand-new car already they start thinking about trading it in for one that’s even newer. I don’t even like old cars. I mean they don’t even interest me. I’d rather have a goddam horse. A horse is at least human, for God’s sake. J.D. Salinger, Catcher in the Rye

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If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would probably be Labor Day Weekend. Doug Larson

No other man-made device since the shields and lances of the knights quite fulfills a man’s ego like an automobile. William Rootes

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but three lefts do. Jason Love

Car quotes 10

No illusion is more crucial than the illusion that great success and huge money buy you immunity from the common ills of mankind, such as cars that won’t start. Larry McMurtry

Parisians overwhelmingly buy small cars. And it’s not because people are petite, but because fuel is drop-dead expensive. Gasoline costs more than twice as much in Paris as in New York. Serge Schmemann

Back in the mid-1970s, we adopted some fairly ambitious goals to improve efficiency of our cars. What did we get? We got a tremendous boost in efficiency. Jay Inslee

Your car should drive itself. It’s amazing to me that we let humans drive cars… It’s a bug that cars were invented before computers. Eric Schmidt

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In Japan, they have TV sets in cars right now, where you can punch up traffic routes, weather, everything! You can get Internet access already in cars in Japan, so within the next 2 to 3 years it’s gonna be so crazy! Glenn Danzig

Self-driving cars are the natural extension of active safety and obviously something we should do. Elon Musk

Car designers are just going to have to come up with an automobile that outlasts the payments. Erma Bombeck

I’m glad to see that BMW is bringing an electric car to market. That’s cool. Elon Musk

Electric cars aren’t pollution-free; they have to get their energy from somewhere. Alexandra Paul

Driving race cars was an avenue for me to learn how to build my own car, and that was my ambition all along. Carroll Shelby

Car quotes 11

All in favor of conserving gasoline, please raise your right foot. Author Unknown

Everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in a car. E.B. White, One Man’s Meat, 1943

The greater part of my official time is spent on investigating collisions between propelled vehicles, each on its own side of the road, each sounding its horn, and each stationary. An English Lord Chief Justice, quoted in 2,715 One-Line Quotations for Speakers, Writers & Raconteurs by Edward F. Murphy

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Life is too short for traffic. Dan Bellack

I shouldn’t have driven home from the bar last night—especially since I walked there. Author Unknown

Before someone gets their driver’s license they should have to beat Rainbow Road on Mario Kart without falling off. Author Unknown

For every “Drive Safely” sign, shouldn’t there be a “Resume Normal Driving” sign?  Robert Brault

Car quotes 12

The car has become the carapace, the protective and aggressive shell, of urban and suburban man. Marshall McLuhan

I think all males from Detroit have an obsession with cars. Dax Shepard

I wish people would spend their money on hybrid cars. Ryan Tedder

Well, I always had a chauffer, because I have never driven a car in my life. I still can’t drive. Bud Abbott

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Remote villages and communities have lost their identity, and their peace and charm have been sacrificed to that worst of abominations, the automobile. James Norman Hall

We approach people the same way we approach our cars. We take the poor kid to a doctor and ask, What’s wrong with him, how much will it cost, and when can I pick him up? James Hillman

But to personally satisfy my own adrenalin needs, I’ve been racing cars a little bit, which has been fun. Picabo Street

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Drive-in banks were established so most of the cars today could see their real owners. E. Joseph Cossman

My boyfriend keeps telling me I’ve got to own things. So, first I bought this car. And then he told me I oughta get a house. ‘Why a house?’ ‘Well, you gotta have a place to park the car.’ Julia Roberts

I drive Fords, and I’ve driven American cars all my life, and I want to have a strong American manufacturing sector, especially in automobiles. Jim DeMint

Consider what kind of car you get. Buy cars and other products that have the least impact environmentally. Al Gore

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Car quotes

Most of American life consists of driving somewhere and then returning home, wondering why the hell you went. John Updike

A driver is a king on a vinyl bucket-seat throne, changing direction with the turn of a wheel, changing the climate with a flick of the button, changing the music with the switch of a dial. Andrew Malcolm

Recklessness is a species of crime and should be so regarded on our streets and highways. Marlen E. Pew

Space is a never-ending race track. The thermal shock region on the prow of our solar system, for example, is screaming through the heavens at 490,000 miles an hour. Earth is hurtling round the sun at 67,000 miles an hour. God, it seems, is a complete speed freak. Top Gear, series 16, episode 6

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You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen, it said “Parking Fine.” Tommy Cooper

I have a need to make these sorts of connections literal sometimes, and a vehicle often helps to do that. I have a relationship to car culture. It isn’t really about loving cars. It’s sort of about needing them. Matthew Barney

Environmentalists have a very conflicted relationship with their cars. Tom Arnold

I always do like seeing other people dance in their cars. It’s one of the things that makes me happy. Ariel Gore

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When I was four, I just wanted to drive, I collected toy cars. Where does that sort of thing come from? In hindsight you go, ‘Oh, liked it because of this.’ Maybe it’s just the wheel. Michael Fassbender

I am a big car enthusiast. I totally understand guys like Jay Leno who have a thousand cars. But asking me my favorite car would be like asking my favorite song or favorite food – it changes everyday. Casey James

Older cars tend to drive like older cars. That is not for me. Robert Herjavec

I’ve got two old Volvos, two old Subarus, and an old Ford Ranger. If you’ve got an old car, you’ve gotta have at least several old cars, ’cause one’s always gonna be in the garage. Rip Torn