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Philosophical quotes

Philosophical quotes and Sayings – Philosophical and profound quotations. Find ideas Quotes About Philosophy Of Life from top quotes #PhilosophicalQuotes

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. Winston Churchill

Dogmatism and skepticism are both, in a sense, absolute philosophies; one is certain of knowing, the other of not knowing. What philosophy should dissipate is certainty, whether of knowledge or ignorance. Bertrand Russell

Religion is part of the human make-up. It’s also part of our cultural and intellectual history. Religion was our first attempt at literature, the texts, our first attempt at cosmology, making sense of where we are in the universe, our first attempt at health care, believing in faith healing, our first attempt at philosophy. Christopher Hitchens

I have a simple philosophy: Fill what’s empty. Empty what’s full. Scratch where it itches. Alice Roosevelt Longworth

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Life has the name of life, but in reality it is death.  Heraclitus, Eustathius ad Iliad

To learn something new, take the path that you took yesterday. John Burroughs

Philosophical quotes 1

We are more often treacherous through weakness than through calculation.  François VI de la Rochefoucault

A man with one watch knows what time it is; a man with two watches is never quite sure.  Lee Segall

One epitaph is sufficiently comprehensive for most persons:—Here lies A MORTAL. In that word is comprised a brief space of trivial joys, and trivial sorrows. The rest is a phantom.  William Benton Clulow, Horæ Otiosæ, 1833

Begin at the beginning… and go on till you come to the end: then stop.  Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Whatever I take, I take too much or too little; I do not take the exact amount. The exact amount is no use to me.  Antonio Porchia, Voces, 1943, translated from Spanish by W.S. Merwin

Each forward step we take we leave some phantom of ourselves behind.  John Lancaster Spalding

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Philosophical quotes 2

My philosophy is it’s none of my business what people say of me and think of me. I am what I am, and I do what I do. I expect nothing and accept everything. And it makes life so much easier. Anthony Hopkins

I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. John Adams

I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend. Thomas Jefferson

There will be no end to the troubles of states, or of humanity itself, till philosophers become kings in this world, or till those we now call kings and rulers really and truly become philosophers, and political power and philosophy thus come into the same hands. Plato

We must remember that nothing in this world really belongs to us. At best, we are merely borrowers.  Christopher Isherwood

The map is not the territory.  Alfred Korzybski

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Philosophical quotes 3

Believe those who are seeking the truth; doubt those who find it.  André Gide

Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow. Aesop

Only that in you which is me can hear what I’m saying.  Baba Ram Dass

I am a part of all that I have met.  Alfred Lord Tennyson

No matter where you go or what you do, you live your entire life within the confines of your head.  Terry Josephson

Would there be this eternal seeking if the found existed? Antonio Porchia, Voces, 1943, translated from Spanish by W.S. Merwin

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Philosophical quotes 4

My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment puts you I the best place for the next moment. Oprah Winfrey

This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness. Dalai Lama

Grounded in the natural philosophy of the Middle Ages, alchemy formed a bridge: on the one hand into the past, to Gnosticism, and on the other into the future, to the modern psychology of the unconscious. Carl Jung

Experience has shown, and a true philosophy will always show, that a vast, perhaps the larger portion of the truth arises from the seemingly irrelevant. Edgar Allan Poe

I was once a skeptic but was converted by the two missionaries on either side of my nose.  Robert Brault

He who has seen present things has seen all, both everything which has taken place from all eternity and everything which will be for time without end; for all things are of one kin and of one form. Marcus Aurelius

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There’s more to the truth than just the facts.  Author Unknown

The obscure we see eventually. The completely obvious, it seems, takes longer.  Edward R. Murrow

Gazing at the stars will not save you from the abyss at your feet.  Dr. Idel Dreimer

Even a clock that does not work is right twice a day.  Polish Proverb

If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one. Russian Proverb

The observer, when he seems to himself to be observing a stone, is really, if physics is to be believed, observing the effects of the stone upon himself.  Bertrand Russell

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Philosophical quotes 6

The philosophy of life is this: Life is not a struggle, not a tension… Life is bliss. It is eternal wisdom, eternal existence. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

I have a personal philosophy in life: If somebody else can do something that I’m doing, they should do it. And what I want to do is find things that would represent a unique contribution to the world – the contribution that only I, and my portfolio of talents, can make happen. Those are my priorities in life. Neil deGrasse Tyson

As a result of my philosophy, I wasn’t even upset about Hitler. I was willing to go to war to knock him off, but I didn’t hate him. I hated what he was doing. Albert Ellis

My philosophy is: Life is hard, but God is good. Try not to confuse the two. Anne F. Beiler

The obstacle is the path.  Zen Proverb

It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers.  James Thurber

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Philosophical quotes 7

Just as the old, looking back, idealize the past, so the young, looking forward, idealize the future. Illusion is the stuff of memory — and is at the heart of hope.  Dr. Idel Dreimer

Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth.  Ludwig Börne

If a man who cannot count finds a four-leaf clover, is he lucky? Stanislaw J. Lec

We are all but recent leaves on the same old tree of life and if this life has adapted itself to new functions and conditions, it uses the same old basic principles over and over again. There is no real difference between the grass and the man who mows it.  Albert Szent-Györgyi

It is easy to stand a pain, but difficult to stand an itch.  Chang Ch’ao

Hell, life itself can be absurd. But you have to embrace that. If you can’t smile now, how can you possibly laugh in the face of death?  R. Scott Gemmill, NCIS: Los Angeles, “Imposters” (S2, E23, 2011, Hetty Lange)

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Philosophical quotes 8

The word philosophy sounds high-minded, but it simply means the love of wisdom. If you love something, you don’t just read about it; you hug it, you mess with it, you play with it, you argue with it. Hugh Jackman

The society which scorns excellence in plumbing as a humble activity and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is an exalted activity will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy: neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water. John W. Gardner

Philosophy is like trying to open a safe with a combination lock: each little adjustment of the dials seems to achieve nothing, only when everything is in place does the door open. Ludwig Wittgenstein

Our faith is stronger than death, our philosophy is firmer than flesh, and the spread of the Kingdom of God upon the earth is more sublime and more compelling. Dorothy Day

You cannot step into the same river twice.  Heraclitus, in Diogenes Laertius, Lives

You are fastened to them and cannot understand how, because they are not fastened to you. Antonio Porchia, Voces, 1943, translated from Spanish by W.S. Merwin

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Philosophical quotes 9

Sometimes it’s necessary to go a long distance out of the way in order to come back a short distance correctly. Edward Albee

When the student is ready, the master appears.  Buddhist Proverb

A gun gives you the body, not the bird. Henry David Thoreau

Before enlightenment — chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment — chop wood, carry water.  Zen Buddhist Proverb

Only in the early morning light of day, and of life, can we see the world without its shadows. Truth requires new beginnings. Jeb Dickerson

It would be a very big book that contained all the maybes uttered in a day.  French Proverb

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It is not up to me whether I win or lose. Ultimately, this might not be my day. And it is that philosophy towards sports, something that I really truly live by. I am emotional. I want to win. I am hungry. I am a competitor. I have that fire. But deep down, I truly enjoy the art of competing so much more than the result. Apolo Ohno

I have a new philosophy. I’m only going to dread one day at a time. Charles M. Schulz

Albert Camus’s ‘La Peste’ – ‘The Plague’ – had an enormous impact on me when I read it in high school French class, and I chose my senior yearbook quote from it. In college, I wrote a philosophy class paper on Camus and Sartre, and again chose my yearbook quote from ‘La Peste.’ Drew Gilpin Faust

The Linux philosophy is ‘Laugh in the face of danger’. Oops. Wrong One. ‘Do it yourself’. Yes, that’s it. Linus Torvalds

Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.  Henri Louis Bergson

If you think you’re free, there’s no escape possible. Ram Dass

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Philosophical quotes 11

When they go fishing, it is not really fish they are after. It is a philosophic meditation.  E.T. Brown (Thanks, Walden Woods Project,

Wars and elections are both too big and too small to matter in the long run. The daily work — that goes on, it adds up. Barbara Kingsolver, Animal Dreams

I tell you everything that is really nothing, and nothing of what is everything, do not be fooled by what I am saying. Please listen carefully and try to hear what I am not saying.  Charles C. Finn

Edith. Is there no rest? Lyulph. Harmonious motion is divine repose.  Henry James Slack (1818–1896), The Ministry of the Beautiful, “Conversation I: The Cavern,” 1850

What is the meaning of the togetherness of the perceiving mind, in that peculiar modification of perceiving which makes it perceive not a star but a tree, and the tree itself, is a problem for philosophy. Samuel Alexander

In philosophy if you aren’t moving at a snail’s pace you aren’t moving at all. Iris Murdoch

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Because philosophy arises from awe, a philosopher is bound in his way to be a lover of myths and poetic fables. Poets and philosophers are alike in being big with wonder. Thomas Aquinas

It’ll be the Internet and piracy that will kill film. There’s a philosophy that the Internet should be free, but the reality is that piracy will destroy the film industry and film as an art form because it’s expensive to make a movie. Maybe you’ll have funky little independent movies, and it’ll go back and then start up again some other way. Helen Mirren

Skepticism is the first step on the road to philosophy. Denis Diderot

You can’t do without philosophy, since everything has its hidden meaning which we must know. Maxim Gorky

I really believe in the philosophy that you create your own universe. I’m just trying to create a good one for myself. Jim Carrey

One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes… and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility. Eleanor Roosevelt

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Philosophical quotes

Knock on the sky and listen to the sound.  Zen Saying

The fly that doesn’t want to be swatted is most secure when it lights on the fly-swatter. G.C. Lichtenberg

Don’t miss the donut by looking through the hole.  Author Unknown

You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep. Navajo Proverb

The fish trap exists because of the fish. Once you’ve gotten the fish you can forget the trap. The rabbit snare exists because of the rabbit. Once you’ve gotten the rabbit, you can forget the snare. Words exist because of meaning. Once you’ve gotten the meaning, you can forget the words. Where can I find a man who has forgotten words so I can talk with him?  Chuang Tzu

By daily dying I have come to be. Theodore Roethke

You never know what is enough, until you know what is more than enough.  William Blake, Proverbs of Hell

It requires a great deal of faith for a man to be cured by his own placebos.  John L. McClenahan

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What you see, yet can not see over, is as good as infinite. Thomas Carlyle, Sartor Resartus

Philosophy is life’s dry-nurse, who can take care of us — but not suckle us.  Søren Kierkegaard

Men are probably nearer the central truth in their superstitions than in their science. Henry David Thoreau

I’ve never changed my life since I was 4 and went to the YMCA with a gym bag. I still have that philosophy. In fact, I still have that gym bag. Dan Gable

While I personally believe strongly in the philosophy and ideology of the Free Software movement, you can’t win people over just on philosophy; you have to have a better product, too. Matt Mullenweg

Those who lack the courage will always find a philosophy to justify it. Albert Camus

Weight loss can change your whole character. That always amazed me: Shedding pounds does change your personality. It changes your philosophy of life because you recognize that you are capable of using your mind to change your body. Jean Nidetch